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voc1_imageEl Shaddai-Pantokrator Charisma arose from the movement of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the founder, André Luis Botelho de Andrade, who founded the Community in 1990. Arisen from the Father’s jealous Love for men, this Charisma impels the sons of the Vocation to desire unconditional faithfulness to God in the world as a response to His love.   This faithfulness leads them to live a holiness which is possible to every man. Such holiness is fulfilled in the common man’s life, being expressed in a relationship with the created things in faithfulness to the Creator, as a gratifying sacrifice and a perennial encounter with the Father’s Glory.

The spirituality of El Shaddai-Pantokrator Charisma is characterized by the Grace of the New Pentecost and by the spirituality of the Carmelite Saints, particularly Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. This spirituality that arises from discovering the “Nothingness of the soul” moves the members of the Community to live in filiation to God through Spiritual Childhood, in a deep love for Christ and His Cross, leading them to live all things and human realities as opportunities for sacrifice of faithfulness and love to God.


Among all saints, Mary, in the expression of Our Lady of Guadalupe, is, for the Community, the great model of holiness. She is the one who teaches the whole itinerary of the Charisma, which rises from the “Nothingness of the soul” that has discovered to be loved by God until the full fulfillment of the vocation in the filiation to God, who is its ALL.
Significant signs of the vocation are the Symbol and the Icon of the Christ Pantokrator, the Almighty God: by His Incarnation, the Word assumes man’s life to reorder and rule all things as well as to submit them in faithfulness to the Father. In Christ, the Charisma and the Mission of the Community are modeled.

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