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El Shaddai Pantokrator Vocation

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como fazer parte 3Pantokrator Community is more than simply a work that aims to evangelize and generate faithfulness in the world. The Community’s work is only the tip of an iceberg. It is that portion that appears to the world. However, it is based on a strong and deep foundation, which is the El Shaddai Pantokrator Vocation.

Vocation is a calling God makes to someone to follow Him in a specific way, with some special characteristics. There are countless vocations, such as the vocation to priesthood, to matrimony, to religious life in its several orders and congregations, and there is also the calling to devote oneself in a new community, through its different charismas.

The Pantokrator Community is a new community whose specific calling is faithfulness to God in the world, with all its challenges. When living this faithfulness, the natural consequence is the awakening of a common holiness in all those baptized, which is fulfilled in the ordinary of life. It is in the act of living this faithfulness and, consequently, living common holiness that lies the core of El Shaddai Pantokrator Vocation.

The El Shaddai Pantokrator Vocation involves a consecration of life, that is, the offering and devotion of one’s whole life to God. This offering to God is really manifested through the inner commitments of the fraternal life in community, as well as in the accomplishment of its mission.

The body of the Pantokrator Community is made up of men and women.  In it, there may be celibates, priests, deacons, married and single members.

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