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como fazer parte 2For you, who identify with El Shaddai-Pantokrator way of being and would like to better know this way of being and living, we present some means that may help you to discover if you have this vocation.

Firstly, it is important to have a closer contact with our work, by attending our apostolic activities, such as: prayer groups, prayer attendance, through our CD’s, the different events promoted by the community, as well as the Masses and celebrations held in our mission houses. In addition, there is our website which offers a lot of formation and updated information on everything that happens in the Community, in Brazil, and in the world.

The Vocational Encounter is yearly held in every mission and leads to a clearer understanding of the reality of the new forms of consecrated life, its place within the Church and specific grace, as well as to a wider knowledge about Pantokrator Catholic Community’s own spirituality.

Each mission house belonging to Pantokrator Catholic Community has its own vocational department with its specific vocational calendar.

Foundational Headquarters in Campinas: vocacional@pantokrator.org.br or (55-19) 3232-4400. Contact person: Fabiana Felipe

Mission in Santos/SP: vocacional.sts@pantokrator.org.br or (55-13) 3349-1954. Contact person: Ana Lúcia

Mission in Pedreira/SP: vocacional.ped@pantokrator.org.br or (19-55) 3893-6573. Contact person: Marciléia

Mission in São José dos Campos/SP: vocacional.sjc@pantokrator.org.br or (55-12) 3936-2874. Contact person:  Jaqueline

For other locations, contact vocacional@pantokrator.org.br or (55-19) 3232-4400. Contact person: Fabiana Felipe

Come and live under the Father’s shadow!

Feeling the calling

If you wish to better know this Community, identify with our way of being and living the spirituality, and feel attracted to the Founder’s words, you are likely to be being called to begin a vocational path within Pantokrator Community.

To be able to start the vocational path, it is necessary to already have a relationship with God and have been experiencing fruits of conversion in your life. It is also necessary to be at least 18 years old and have received the sacraments of the Christian initiation – Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation.

If you feel this calling, the first step you should take is coming closer to the Community, through its evangelization work and liturgical living, by attending the Masses and Vespers – which is held on Saturdays, at 6:00 p.m., at every mission house.

como fazer parte 4The vocational path

The vocational path of the Pantokrator Community begins with the Vocational Encounter, which is always held in February or March, at the Community’s houses.

During the vocational encounter, the applicant learns about Pantokrator Community’s history, life and vocation. Starting from this content, one is able to decide if he wants to go on with the discernment path. After the encounter, there is an interview process, in which the Pantokrator Community’s Vocational Team interviews the applicant, in order to evaluate if one is ready to proceed with the vocational path at the moment.

In this case, the applicant goes through a nine-month period of formation and orientation, aiming at going deeper into the knowledge and experience of this vocation.

como fazer parteVocational path at distance

It is only possible to begin the vocational path if you live in the cities where the Community has mission houses, or in their surrounding towns.  Otherwise, if there are no Community’s houses, either in your city, or close to it, it will not be possible to begin the vocational path, due to the impossibility of keeping your communal living, which is an essential point of El Shaddai-Pantokrator Vocation.

If you live in a city which is far away from our houses, and intend to join Common Life form, it is possible to take the vocational path at distance.

In order to accomplish it, one should be able to be present at some formation meetings at some dates to be set. For further information, send an email to vocacional@pantokrator.org.br.

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