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Nilton Junior

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8070956090_223e35a364_hNilton Dall’Oca Junior was born on March 30th, 1980, in Campinas/SP. As a teenager, he began to play the keyboard and to sing in the Masses in his parish. In 1998, he was introduced to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal through an invitation to play for a prayer group.

In 2000, he was introduced to the Pantokrator Catholic Community and he began, in the same year, a vocational path seeking a consecration of life. In the following year, he felt a strong desire to live a deeper offering to God and, forgoing his professional life and his home with his family, he joined the Community’s Common Life form in order to totally devote himself to God’s work. In 2005, he professed his first promises of consecration in the El Shaddai-Pantokrator Vocation and in Celibacy. And, in 2011, he made his definitive promises in the Vocation and in the Celibacy, both expressions of donation and living exclusively for God.

Visit niltonjunior.com

8531119457_a07c66e171_hSince he joined the Community, he has been a member of the Music Ministry, undertaking the leadership of the band in 2003. Due to it, in 2004, he was in charge of the production of the Community’s second album, entitled “Liberdade” (Freedom). After the release of this CD, he started to travel with the Ministry performing evangelization concerts throughout Brazil.

In 2003, he founded, within Pantokrator Community, an evangelization project called Faithful Youth. This project, which currently reaches several locations in Brazil and even abroad, consists of different activities, such as:  Retreats, parties, prayer groups, a group for the recovery of chemical dependents and for their families, evangelization through the internet, concerts, among others.

To schedule concerts and lectures please email to shows@compantokrator.com

In 2010, his first solo album with the title “Sou Feliz” (I am Joyful) was released by the Community. It is a work that aims at leading the listener to an experience with God through the joy of meeting Him, experiencing Him, following Him and consecrating oneself to Him.

8070977989_146afccf73_hIn 2012, his second solo work, named “Reina em mim” (Reign in me) was released by Canção Nova Record Company.  In this new album, Nilton Junior translated into songs the desire to lead youth to be in love with God and have Him as their Greater Love, through a strong experience of intimacy with Him, which generates a great response of praise and joy: “Belong to God and to God only!

In 2013, he won the Louvemos o Senhor Trophy (Praise the Lord Trophy), in the Category of “Year’s Revelation Artist” of the Catholic Music National Award.

The mission, through his concerts, has been increasing from the time he began the promotion of his first solo album. God has been daily maturing his ministry so that he may be able to connect technique, anointing, and professionalism, and, thus, be an effective and daring evangelization instrument.

The real aim of his concert is, through music, change the life of everyone who listens to it. With a lot of anointing, joy, dance, spirituality, great instrumentalists, and a repertoire with songs of praise, prayer and worship, the audience is guided to dance, pray and praise God!

For him, a concert is a mission! His purpose is not only to perform high-quality music, but also make use of it to touch the life of everyone who listens to it, guiding them to a remarkable experience with God, Who loves us with unconditional love.

8532232160_e5220f5f0c_hBesides this evangelization through the concerts, he is also a preacher and has already been to various places in Brazil, preaching encounters, camping retreats, kerygmatic, formation and deepening retreats, etc.

His mission is announcing the Truth of Christ to everyone who needs it, through music and teaching the Word.

He is currently taking part in the Pastoral Episcopal Commission for the Youth of CNBB (Brazilian National Bishop Conference) and has helped in the formation and animation of the Diocesan Department for Youth in many dioceses.

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