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André Luis Botelho de Andrade – Our Founder and General Moderator

| 22 de junho de 2013 | 0 Comments

andreAndré Luís Botelho de Andrade is married and father of two sons. In 1990, he founded Pantokrator Catholic Community, which is present in five dioceses in Brazil, and in the dioceses of Toulon and Avignon in France. The Community lives the Charisma of Faithfulness to God in the world aiming at rebuilding it according to the Father’s project.  In the El-Shaddai Pantokrator Charisma, the Carmelite spirituality is emphasized, of which André became a devoted learner. Representing the Community, of which André is Founder and General Moderator, he is member of the International Catholic Fraternity of New Communities. In 1998, André gave up his career as a dentist in order to live more intensely his consecration to God through our Community’s charisma.  In the same year, he dreamt up a course of Catholic doctrine and spirituality for the laity, of which he was the main teacher for several years. This course benefits from the approval and regard held by great Brazilian theologians. André currently devotes his life to running Pantokrator Catholic Community, and he also ministers courses, formations, and retreats on doctrine and spirituality.

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