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In order to do our best in our evangelization, most of our activities are organized into projects:


Projeto Juventude Fiel (PJF) focuses on evangelizing the youth helping them to know Christ and providing them not only spirituality and Christian formation but also healthy entertainment, fun and happiness. Retreats, prayer groups, parties, gymkhanas and concerts are some of the activities conducted by this project. Grupo Sempre Fiel is one of the main activities of this project. It works to evangelize and reintegrate society’s youth who struggle to be delivered from drug addiction.

Projeto Vinde e Vede (PVV) ´s objective is  to lead people into a deep experience with God. Retreats, gatherings, door to door evangelization, evangelization in streets, counseling and Prayer Groups for all age groups are some of the activities practiced by this Project. Prayer Groups are emphasized in all of our activities. They reveal the grace of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which is present in our evangelization.

Ensuring fidelity to God in the Church, Projeto filhos no Filho (PfF)’s objective is the complete spiritual formation of mankind, with Christ as the model. Leading people to be mature as children of God and then helping them find out the beauty and fertility of Baptism which makes us capable of assuming our mission to evangelize and contribute to the formation of a new civilization. The Curso de Espiritualidade e Doutrina ( CED), the Curso de Formação Humana, and the Grupo de Crescimento Pessoal and retreats of formation for ecclesiastical activities are all part of this project. Seminários em Favor da Vida e da Dignidade Humana have counseled many people concerning themes related to human life.


The Projeto Família torna-te o que és evangelizes and counsels families so that they know and live their true calling according to God´s will and then become the true place of love and life in modern society. Retreats, gatherings, monthly formations, counseling and events for families such as Fórum para as Famílias are all part of this project.

Besides all these projects there are other activities which compose our Evangelization:

The Communication Department develops evangelization on the Internet through various means including social media, websites and live Internet broadcasts in our Pantokrator portal. Websites such as Observatório Cotidiano, offer information and Christian reflections on current happenings in Brazil and around the world.

Promoção Humana through material assistance, counseling and evangelization of families intends to rescue human dignity and the value of family for all those who are helped by this project.

Evangelization Concerts announce fidelity to Christ through art, particularly music and dance. Nilton Junior is our singer who wrote and recorded the song “Eu Acredito na Juventude” / “I believe in youth”. He is present at many events and concerts all over Brazil.

santissimo 1As an expression of our ecclesiology we have special passion and appreciation for Liturgy. We consider it the basis of prayer in order to sanctify mankind and glorify God.

So through various ecclesiastical and social activities Pantokrator Catholic Community provides our society many social benefits to fight against social problems that we face, especially in a preventive sense. These activities not only prevent problems but also their consequences. They are also less costly and able to reach a greater number of people.

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